Benefits Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Have to Offer to its Investors

Benefits Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Have to Offer to its Investors

The concept of farmhouses has recently emerged in Pakistan. The monotonous routines of our lives call for a dire need for a vacation or a weekend getaway after some time. For this purpose, farmhouses are something fun and exciting. The countryside experiences the farmhouses provide are different from our everyday casual routines. The kingdom valley farmhouse concept is a positive change in the direction of leisure and recreation. After all, lifestyles do demand a change after such hectic daily routines.

Farmhouses are a perfect escape with greenery and an organic environment. They can be an ideal spot for vacations and retreats. They are a whole package in the form of a side hustle. The concern is finding a perfect location to build your farmhouse. A place that welcomes you, your family and your friends with open arms whenever you need a getaway trip. It offers an entire block to construct and develop your own farmhouses.

What is Kingdom Valley?

Kingdom Valley, in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, is one such enclave. It is the ideal location, with top-notch facilities and amenities such as magnificent roads, attractive parks for recreation, medical centers for providing health services, top-notch educational institutions, retail malls, and so on. Kingdom Valley Islamabad intends to provide its residents with a dream house with access to all of the finest amenities needed for a comfortable lifestyle.

It is part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, approved under the NOC DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. It is an ideal location that offers its consumers a comprehensive list of amenities and affordable and flexible payment plans. Kingdom Valley is presently one of the most recognized housing societies in the vicinity of the twin cities. It provides its clients with a choice of investment blocks. kingdom valley farmhouse increased popularity can be attributed to its well-known developers. Kingdom Valley’s construction by industry professionals and proximity to the M-2 Motorway makes the investment potential intriguing. At Kingdom Valley Islamabad, we strive to make every Pakistani citizen’s dream a reality by providing a good standard of life at an affordable price.

Who are its Developers?

The Kingdom Group, one of the country’s most well-known developers, created kingdom valley Islamabad, a meticulously thought-out, planned, and executed project. They have dedicated themselves to making this notion a reality by bringing together a diverse team of experienced professionals (engineers, architects, etc.). This organization is well-known for providing high-quality projects and work in the management, sales, construction, and consulting industries. The Kingdom Group has an unblemished track record of 100% client satisfaction over the years.

The Farmhouse Block

The farmhouse block is ideal for those looking for a unique and modern farmhouse. The Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Block has a range of plot sizes to choose from.

The sizes of these plots are as follows:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal


Payment plan at the farmhouse block

There are various payment schedules available for different types of plots. A down payment and a deposit are required to secure a farmhouse. Payment schedules for each plot type are mentioned below. A two Kanal plot costs Rs. 4,000,000 with 400,000 down payments, whilst a four Kanal plot costs Rs. 7,500,000 with 750,000 down payments. Down payments for a 13,000,000 8 Kanal plot are Rs. 1,300,000.

Farmhouse block provides a variety of amenities to its occupants. You can reserve farmhouses and pay a deposit by getting in touch with lead marketing if you wish to take use of these features. Acceptable as a deposit is 10%. You have a choice of making eight biweekly or forty monthly payments.

What Do We Offer at the Farmhouse Block?

Kingdom Valley offers a wide range of luxury services to its residents. Magnificent roads, superb medical and educational facilities, parks, zoos, recreational areas, and retail malls are just a few of the societal advantages. It also provides access to sporting places, contributing to a higher living standard. Kingdom Valley’s appealing characteristics include social clubs and memberships. We strive to protect our residents’ physical, emotional, and social well-being by delivering high-quality services.

People primarily look for safety and security in a housing society. The Kingdom Valley Farmhouse is a gated neighborhood with a secure setting. The fully secure protection of the residents is provided by the professional staff at the gates. Also, there are security cameras for round-the-clock monitoring. kingdom valley Islamabad is a unique world unto itself.

It will have all the facilities available within the premises of the society. Educational, health care and recreational, all sorts of facilities are available in society. Hotels, shopping malls, cinemas and sports facilities also add to the list.


kingdom valley farmhouse is one of the most fabulous creations in real estate by the great developers’ kingdom group. The primary purpose of kingdom valley is to give every citizen of Pakistan a chance to have their own house. And that is why the kingdom offers different categories of plots and houses. The prices are reasonable, and you can also pay in installments. It lessens the burden of money on the average salary person. So if you want to book the plots in the farmhouse block, you can contact lead marketing for further assistance and queries.

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