Kingdom Valley Farmhouses

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Psychological pressure can be brought on by leading a bustling and flamboyantly repetitive existence. Moreover, one occasionally wants to live in a serene and tranquil environment to respite from this hectic lifestyle. Similarly, kingdom Valley Farmhouse is a location where people can openly admire the beauty of nature and enjoy luxury. To meet the strong demand, the builder is also offering the farmhouse. The farmhouse has now situated in the peaceful middle region of the design, like in a perfect scenario.

It also includes a charming water stream that flows next to and around the project’s natural heavenliness. Residents could also picture themselves living in expansive farmhouses, leading a tranquil and easygoing lifestyle.

Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Location

Kingdom Valley Islamabad farmhouses are adjacent to the Chakri junction. Due to the open accessibility of allotment, it is among the most significant blocks, and the ensuing struggle for it raises its worth.

It is conveniently reachable via the other Kingdom Valley blocks. According to the development’s master plan, it is freely reachable from many locations, making it simple for convicts to satisfy any commuting-related demands. The management has required no unique criteria to acquire a property in this block. Because once Kingdom’s Valley development has done, it will be among the numerous pearls of progress.

Kingdom Valley Farmhouse NOC

As was previously stated, the responsible body has granted Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC. Therefore General Block fits into the same category. It was a part of the original master plan, and a vacant reg-number, “DRG/PHATA/2176-2021,” has been assigned to its NOC. Clients can utilize the same code number to confirm the specifics of its NOC.Farmhouses Noc

The local authorities granted this project the NOC after the legal standards were satisfied. Therefore, the consumers will have no issues with state officials. For the buyers, it is a secure investment due to the point of a NOC.

Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Payment Plans

farm houses payment plan

There are many farmhouses available in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, including Two kanal, Four kanal, and Eight kanal farmhouses, each with a different range of prices. For example, with a deposit of Four lacs, a monthly instalment of 35,000, and a half-annual instalment of Two lacs. The buyers can purchase the two-kanal farmhouse for as little as Forty lacs!

  • 2-Kanal farmhouse for Rs 8,000,000/-
  • 4-Kanal farmhouse for Rs 14,000,000/-
  • 8-Kanal farmhouse for Rs 18,000,000/-

The deposit for a Two-kanal farmhouse is Rs 800,000/-, whereas it is Rs 1,400,000/- for a Four-kanal farmhouse and Rs 1,300,000/- for an Eight-kanal farmhouse. Customers can choose between making Forty monthly payments or Eight bi-annual payments.

Booking Procedure

For the transparent process, the buyers have to send documents along with the application form, including

  • Byers Photocopies of CNIC/ NICOP
  • Buyer next-to-kin Photocopies of CNIC
  • Buyers Fresh Picture
  • Receipt or Screenshot of the Deposit Slipkingdom valley Document


The Kingdom Valley Islamabad farmhouse presents a rare opportunity to invest in one of the twin cities’ most searched neighbourhoods. However, the number of available plots is decreasing while the price rises. Thus, the customers should make a prompt decision and register their holdings.