Introducing the New Payment Plan for Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farm Houses and Features

kingdom valley farmhouses payment plan

The evolution of real estate projects in Islamabad has taken an exciting turn with the introduction of Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farm Houses, an integrated housing project offering a fusion of luxury, tranquility, and affordability. This comprehensive project, set within the heart of Pakistan’s twin cities, aims to redefine residential and commercial opportunities by providing luxurious farmhouses designed to cater to individuals seeking a close-to-nature lifestyle.

Developed under the banner of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP), an initiative introduced by the government to provide quality residencies on a low budget, Kingdom Valley Islamabad emerges as a beacon of opportunity for investors and end users alike.

Kingdom Valley Farmhouses Location

The Kingdom Valley Farmhouses are situated in a distinct block called Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Block, which is strategically placed in front of the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. As of now, the management has not revealed the exact location of this block within the society. However, the location’s proximity to the motorway promises convenience and easy accessibility to other parts of the city.

kingdom valley farmhouse location

Accessibility of Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farm Houses

Despite being a serene retreat away from city noise, Kingdom Valley Farmhouses are well-connected to various landmarks and facilities. With Rawalpindi Ring Road and M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway a mere 15 and 16 minutes away, respectively, residents enjoy seamless connectivity. Other nearby significant locations include New Islamabad International Airport, Rawalpindi Cadet College, and Rawalpindi Grand Trunk (G.T) Road, adding to the attractiveness of the location.

Nearby Housing Societies

The neighborhoods surrounding Kingdom Valley Farmhouses are filled with other prominent housing societies. These include Capital Smart City, 1947 Housing Society, Blue World City, Prime Valley, AL-Makkah City, Discovery Gardens, and Mivida City, thus ensuring a well-developed community environment for residents.

The Authenticity of Kingdom Valley Farmhouses

The legitimacy of Kingdom Valley Farmhouses is unquestionable. Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC is approved. Governed by NPHP and approved by the Punjab Housing and Planning Agency (PHATA), the project has a credible legal standing, marked by its registration number: “DRG/PHATA/2176-2021”.

The Expansive Land Area

Farmhouses demand large land expanses, and Kingdom Valley fulfills this requirement impeccably. Sprawling across 15000 Kanals, the Kingdom Farmhouse block is set to occupy a considerable portion of the entire society’s land, offering spacious residences for its occupants.

The Developers Behind Kingdom Valley Farmhouses

The visionary behind the project is Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal, who, along with the Kingdom Group, aims to provide affordable luxury living to the residents of the twin cities. Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal’s trustworthy reputation in the real estate sector adds a layer of reliability to the project, with people confident about investing their hard-earned money.

Kingdom Group’s commitment to the success of Kingdom Valley Farmhouses is reflected in its efforts to provide all basic and top-class features. The project promises to adhere to international standards, delivering high-quality developments that include a comprehensive range of services like construction, development, master planning, marketing, and consultancy.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farm Houses Payment Plan

A farmhouse in Islamabad’s serene and beautiful landscapes has been a long-cherished dream for many. To turn this dream into a reality, Kingdom Group has introduced a Kingdom Valley Islamabad new payment plan that caters to a variety of budget ranges. This manual will lead you through the new payment schedule that the team created especially for the farmhouses in Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley.

Old Payment Plan Overview

At first, Kingdom Valley Islamabad offered a four-year payment schedule for farmhouses ranging in size from 2 Kanal to 8 Kanal. The payment schedule included a down payment, a confirmation payment, eight biannual payments, and forty monthly payments.

For a 2 Kanal farmhouse, the total cost was 4,000,000 with a down payment of 400,000, 40 monthly installments of 35,000, bi-annual installments of 200,000, and a balloting fee of 600,000. For larger spaces like 4 Kanal, the total cost was 7,500,000, and for an 8 Kanal farmhouse, the total was 13,000,000 with corresponding adjustments in installments and fees.

Introduction of the New Payment Plan

To provide a more flexible and accessible payment structure, Kingdom Valley Islamabad has introduced a new payment plan. This new plan still spans over four years but offers revised prices for 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal farmhouses.

New Payment Plan for 2 Kanal Farm Houses

Under the new payment plan, a 2 Kanal farm house can be owned for a total cost of 8,000,000. There is an 800,000 down payment needed, followed by 40 payments of 57,000 each. There are further 8 semi-annual payments of 515,000 each. At the conclusion of the payment tenure, there is additionally a 1,000,000 balloting charge that is applicable.

New Payment Plan for 4 Kanal Farm Houses

Under the new payment plan, you can own a 2 Kanal farmhouse for a total cost of 8,000,000. You need to make an 800,000 down payment, followed by 40 payments of 57,000 each. Semi-annual installments are also an option for those who prefer this payment structure. The balloting fee for a 4 Kanal farmhouse stands at 1,400,000.

New Payment Plan for 8 Kanal Farmhouses

The luxurious 8 Kanal farm houses can now be owned for a total price of 18,000,000. The revised payment schedule calls for a 1,800,000 down payment and 40 payments of 175,000 each. Kingdom Valley Farm Houses Payment Plan also provides the alternative of biannual installments to accommodate different financial capabilities. The balloting fee for the 8 Kanal farm houses is 1,800,000.

Development Status of Kingdom Valley Farmhouses

Since the announcement of the Kingdom Valley Farmhouses, the developers have been rapidly advancing the project. The early stages of development were already close to completion when the team swiftly sent construction equipment to the location.

The developers have finished substantial groundwork, preparing the area for the anticipated farmhouse construction. Furthermore, the plot cuttings for the farmhouses, particularly in Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farmhouse Block, are presently underway.The developers will soon prepare these plots for construction, after which they will distribute them among the members through a balloting system and allotments.

The Master Plan: A Pinnacle of Architectural Excellence

The Kingdom Valley Farm Houses master plan captures the perfect farmhouse lifestyle through its design. Currently, the Kingdom Group is developing the detailed layout, employing an expert team of professional architects, designers, and civil engineers to map out the project.

The developers will release the master plan once they complete the plot cuttings. Once they make it public, it will be added. As for now, the attached comprehensive master plan for Kingdom Valley Islamabad serves as a reference.

Amenities: A Blend of Modernity and Serenity

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farm Houses is the epitome of luxury living, offering both essential utilities and advanced amenities to facilitate a stress-free, well-balanced lifestyle. The residents can enjoy the comfort and security of a well-planned society at an affordable price.

The features of Kingdom Valley Farmhouses include:

A dedicated block for farmhouses

A secure gated community

Lush green surroundings

Grand Jamia Masjid and other smaller mosques

Health and wellness club

Hospitals and healthcare centers

Educational Institutes

Gardens, parks, and open spaces

Wide carpeted roads and streets

Clean and green environment

Proper sewerage and drainage system

Basic utilities such as electricity, water, and gas

Investing in Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farm Houses: An Opportunity You Shouldn’t Miss

Many people in Pakistan, particularly in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, cherish the dream of farmhouse living. Kingdom Valley brings this dream to life, offering budget-friendly farmhouse plots equipped with all essential and modern amenities.

Here are a few compelling reasons why investing in Kingdom Valley Farm Houses could be your best decision:


The affordability of Kingdom Valley Farm Houses sets it apart from other housing schemes. The design of these farmhouses primarily aims to enable low-income individuals to own their plots, and they are offered at much more reasonable rates than other projects.

Ideal Location

Positioned next to the society’s Executive Block, we offer an idyllic Kingdom Valley Farm Houses location for a peaceful yet comfortable living. The residents can enjoy tranquility without compromising their access to daily life necessities.

Convenient Installment Plans

To make property acquisition more accessible, Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers easy installment plans. You may reserve your farmhouse plot with a modest down payment and pay the remaining balance over time in affordable payments. For all farmhouse reservations, the administration provides both biannual and monthly installment options.

Duly-approved Project

The Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP), which the prime minister supports, has approved Kingdom Valley Farm Houses. Furthermore, the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) has also approved the project, which reassures the safety and security of investments in this project.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad Farm Houses offer luxury, tranquility, and affordability for those seeking an idyllic lifestyle. This Society is a promising and rewarding real estate project with impressive amenities.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s new payment plan enables more people to own a farmhouse. The new payment plan offers a variety of options to meet the financial needs of prospective home. As it continues to unfold, it will undoubtedly offer more enticing opportunities for potential residents and investors alike.