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Islamabad’s The Most Desired Residential and Commercial Project

Desired Residential and Commercial Project

Nestled within the vibrant city of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad shines as an embodiment of exquisite living and modern commercial opportunities. As the city thrives on its scenic grandeur and advanced infrastructure, its real estate sector has been exhibiting significant growth. The Kingdom Valley Islamabad, a promising and most desired Residential and Commercial Project, encapsulates these evolving dynamics in its grand residential and commercial designs.

The Booming Real Estate Scene in Islamabad

The magnetism of Islamabad lies in its position as the political epicenter, attracting a diverse populace from across the nation. This influx, predominantly from government and diplomatic sectors, has fueled a soaring demand for housing, especially in areas proximal to government offices and diplomatic missions.

Moreover, the development of novel housing societies and commercial projects, steered by private and public developers, has also significantly invigorated the real estate landscape. Offering residents an array of modern amenities and facilities, these projects symbolize the city’s urban development while retaining its natural beauty.

Out of the multitude of housing societies in Islamabad, one that stands out for its harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and accessibility is Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad: Residential Plots

Kingdom Valley Islamabad’s residential scheme presents four distinct plot dimensions, catering to a diverse clientele. These comprise plots measuring 5, 8, 10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal, with the initial offering of 3.5 Marla properties.

Prices vary according to the plot size, as follows:

5-Marla land available for Rs. 1,800,000
Price: Rs. 2,200,000 for a 7-Marla plot
10-Marla land available for Rs. 2,900,000
1 kanal of land costs Rs. 4,500,000.

The deposit for a five-marla property is Rs 125,000/-, and for an eight-marla plot, it is Rs185,000/-. Customers can opt for the yearly plan or make forty-four monthly payments. Eight biannual payments are also an option, with the sum varying for each land size. Also Read: Smart Investing: Verify Your Kingdom Valley File with Ease.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad: Commercial Plots

Shifting the focus to the commercial sphere, Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers three categories of business plots for sale in Islamabad, as detailed below:

2,000,000/- for a 2-Marla plot
Plot of 4 marlas for Rs. 4,500,000
A plot of 8 Marlas for 8,500,000/-

Deposits range from Rs 300,000 for a two-marla home to Rs 4,500,000 for a four-marla property and Rs 8,500,000 for an eight-marla property. The option for buyers is to make either eight biannual installments or forty monthly payments.

Why Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

Kingdom Valley Islamabad presents a compelling fusion of affordability, strategic location, and a plethora of modern facilities. The variety in residential and commercial plot sizes caters to a diverse range of investment potential, making it a highly attractive proposition for individuals from all walks of life. The easy installment plans further enhance its accessibility, making it the epitome of hassle-free and profitable real estate investment.


In conclusion, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad emerges as the most demanding residential and commercial project in Islamabad. By embracing the changing trends and requirements of modern-day living, this housing society encapsulates a dream lifestyle and commercial success, encapsulating the true essence of Islamabad’s booming real estate sector.