Kingdom Valley's latest endeavor in Gwadar

Kingdom Valley's latest endeavor

Developers’ Previous Projects

The Kingdom Valley Gwadar, developed by the esteemed Kingdom Group, stands as a testament to its successful track record in the real estate sector. Kingdom Valley’s latest endeavor successfully completed various projects, including Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Downtown 4, Downtown 5, and Souq District. The developers’ commitment to delivering quality real estate developments is showcased as they executed these projects with precision and completed them in a timely manner. 

Kingdom Valley Gwadar NOC

While we await the issuance of its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Gwadar Development Authority, the developers’ history of successful and well-managed projects instills confidence. The Kingdom Valley Gwadar NOC, once granted, will serve as a crucial regulatory step, reinforcing the project’s credibility and ensuring adherence to local regulations. Kingdom Group’s reputable track record suggests that it will likely secure the NOC in the near future, further enhancing the project’s appeal to potential investors and buyers.

Kingdom Valley Gwadar Location Map

While the developers haven’t disclosed specific details about its location map yet, they have assured that they strategically positioned it for the best possible benefits to investors. Situated amid the captivating landscapes of Gwadar, the project offers easy access to essential city amenities and attractions. Given the developers’ past projects, one can anticipate that the Kingdom Valley location will be easily accessible and hold significant value from a pricing perspective.


The accessibility of society adds to its allure. Residents and investors can easily access the project from various areas in Gwadar, making it convenient. The key accessibility details include:

10 minutes drive from Gwadar port

16 minutes drive from Gwadar Airport

25 minutes drive from Sunset Park Gwadar

1-hour drive from Jiwani

These convenient travel times from vital points in Gwadar contribute to the overall appeal of Kingdom Valley Gwadar.

Kingdom Valley Gwadar Master Plan

The master plan of the project is thoughtfully designed to blend residential and commercial spaces, catering to diverse needs. While specific details are not available at this moment. The project is likely to offer a range of residential plot sizes, providing flexibility for potential investors. Commercial plots are expected to be integrated to support local businesses, contributing to the economic vitality of the area.

Anticipated to include essential amenities such as parks, schools, and recreational facilities. The master plan envisions a well-rounded and self-sustaining community. With a commitment to elevating living standards, Kingdom Valley Master Plan strives to create a harmonious environment. Where residents can thrive and businesses can prosper.


In conclusion, Kingdom Valley Gwadar emerges as a promising real estate venture. Backed by the developers’ successful history, strategic location, and a master plan. That aims to create a vibrant and thriving community in the heart of Gwadar. As the project awaits its NOC, it stands poised to become a landmark development, attracting investors and residents alike.