Why should investors invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad 3.5 Marla plots?

kingdom valley 3.5 marla

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an economic housing project that was launched under the banner of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. It is the flagship project of Kingdom Group and has gained considerable traction because of the benefits that it brings to investors. It is located close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, allowing easy access from various areas within the twin cities.

The expertise and previous projects of the developers add to the value of this project. The developers have continued developmental work on this project for a while. In addition to that, different categories of plots are available for booking. One of these is 3.5 marla plots which can be availed at affordable prices. The developers have brought a special package for interested investors.

Here is a brief overview of Kingdom Valley Islamabad and the benefits that 3.5 marla plots bring to investors.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad – A Reliable Investment Opportunity

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a reliable investment opportunity because of the various benefits it brings to investors. The developers have ensured that it is a beneficial investment for both commercial and residential investors. The developmental work is continuing at a full pace according to the master plan. The impacts of the ongoing developmental work are evident in the increasing plot prices, which have undergone multiple revisions.

The leading name behind the development of Kingdom Valley is Mr. Ghulam Hussain Shahid, who has years of experience in real estate development and management. He has handpicked a team of seasoned experts for the development of this project. Their expertise is evident from the timely approval of the NOC to the growing number of investors. As time passes, there will be a further increase in the value of plots due to development and an influx of investors.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad 3.5 marla plots are available to investors at a flexible payment plan. It is a special opportunity for those who want to avail small size plots with a flexible payment option. The investors have a considerable timeframe for the payment of the required amount, and it won’t become a burden due to the meager amount.

Location and Master Plan

Kingdom Valley Islamabad lies in one of the most premium areas in Islamabad. The developers of the project are aware of the demands of the investors and have taken measures to ensure their fulfillment. The developers have acquired land near Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M-2). The exact location of this housing project is Mauza Chaura which lies close to Chakri Interchange.

Kingdom Valley 3.5 marla location map shows that these plots are located in the General Block of Kingdom Valley. This block is of prime importance as it serves as the hub for commercial and social activities within Kingdom Valley. So, if the customers acquire these plots, they will get a high ROI.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad master plan has been designed by experts in real estate planning and development. They have ensured that it is workable for the future as well. They have worked on the different features of the master plan keeping in view the needs of inmates in the coming years. The inclusion of both commercial and residential plots ensures that the residents will have their needs fulfilled within the premises of the housing project.

 Kingdom Valley 3.5 marla master plan details show that it is one of the most affordable options that will cater to the needs of middle-class families. It is a budget-friendly option that will make home acquisition easier for investors.

3.5 Marla Plots for Sale

General Block holds the distinction of being the center of Kingdom Valley due to its remarkable features. The variety of housing options and other pros make it the best investment option for interested investors. The new announcement from the developers of Kingdom Valley shows that 3.5 plots are available at a considerably low price.

Kingdom Valley 3.5 marla payment plan shows that the total price of this category of plots is 950,000. The customers would have to pay 95,000 as the down payment. While the confirmation fee is also the same, i.e., 95,000. Furthermore, they can avail of the option of monthly payments or biannual payments.

If they opt for monthly payments, they have to pay 9,400 for 40 months. While if they go for biannual installments, they have to pay 8 biannual installments of PKR 48,000 each. Thus, the customers can avail of a plot of 3.5 marla in a meager amount.

What are the pros of investing in Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of the best housing options for investors in Islamabad. The ideal location, reliable developers, and affordable payment plan add to its value. As said, the developmental work is continuing at the full pace, and the investors will benefit from it in a short time. Investors have been granted access to the property as part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, enabling them to acquire and develop it upon completion of payment.

Kingdom Valley 3.5 Marla plot for sale make easy the development of one’s own home in one of the most in-demand housing projects in Islamabad.


Developers are developing Kingdom Valley Islamabad, a customer-oriented housing project, in one of the ideal locations in Islamabad. You can access this project via major commuting routes like M-1, M-2, etc., as it is located close to Chakri Interchange. The project has obtained the approved NOC, and the developmental work is currently ongoing. The developers have announced the booking of a 3.5-marla plot for sale in Kingdom Valley, which will be available at a total of 950,000. Customers can avail of it at a flexible payment plan which is affordable for customers of different financial backgrounds. Investors can avail of the package for a limited period, allowing them to benefit from it until the limited number of plots are booked.